The Richmond Food Co-op will be a member-owned full service grocery store providing affordable, local, sustainable and healthy food options.

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Our goal has always been to reach (and then surpass) 1,000 member/owners. At 827 members, we are so close! Have you been waiting for the site location in order to join? Well, wait no longer! Know a friend who should join? Invite them to join today!

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Timeline to Opening

We are happy to announce that the Richmond Food Co-op has identified a site for our store! We will be setting up shop at 1200 Westover Hills Boulevard. The last few years of organizing have built a strong foundation and at 827 member/owners strong, we are ready to take the next steps to get our doors open. Thanks to everyone who has played a part in getting the Co-op started!



When you become a member, you also become an owner of a member-owned and member-controlled local store, that operates for the mutual benefit of all members.

The Richmond Food Co-op focuses on people before profit and is driven not to maximize profits, but rather to increase Richmond’s access to quality sustainable food. By definition, cooperative enterprises are member-owned, member-serving and member-driven organizations that use a democratic model to promote sustainable development. The Richmond Food Co-op is owned exclusively by its members, and each member holds an equal share of the business. All member/owners can participate in the democratic governance of their store.  Board members rotate and are selected through a general election open to all member/owners. When the Co-op begins to make a profit, member/owners decide democratically to return profits back to themselves and/or reinvest back into the Co-op for continued mission development.


  • Membership means ownership.
  • Co-op ownership means putting your dollars where your values are: the cooperative system, healthy communities and supporting local farms and businesses.
  • Co-ops – and their money – are owned and controlled by their member/owners, therefore members provide the basic capital to start the Co-op. The Co-op’s profit is returned to its member/owners in proportion to the amount of groceries each member has purchased.
  • Co-op equals community. You have the opportunity to interact and connect with like-minded people who seek to support their community’s local living economy.


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