The Latest from the Richmond Food Co-op

Co-op Building Tour + Q&A with the Architect

Ready to see the Co-op’s site from the inside? Join us for one of our Saturday morning tours! Our architect (and fellow member/owner) Patrick Farley, will share his store layout design and answer all of your questions.  It’s your chance to visualize the produce section, cafe, bulk goods area, dairy, and meat/seafood selection (to name a few) before they become a reality!

Build-out won’t begin until the store is fully capitalized, and we need to reach our member loan campaign goal for that to happen! If you are in a position to make a loan, we urge you to consider this investment in our community.

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Member Loan Campaign:  Extended to 11/15/17

As of 9/1/17 we are 30% of the way there!

Would you like to be a part of the movement to capitalize your store? Member loans will provide the critical seed capital to get our store open.  To find out more about this unique investment opportunity, check out our Member Loan Page or email Stacey at memberloans@richmondfoodcoop.com

Remember, we can’t open the store without meeting our fundraising goal, BUT loan funds don’t get spent unless we are fully capitalized.  Invest today knowing that we won’t move forward without a fully funded project.


Member Loan Testimonials

So what makes someone decide to make a loan?  Check back here for our rotating representation of voices.

Lynn Ivey, Member/Owner


I am an empty-nester who lives in Oregon Hill and loves the urban lifestyle. I own a homebuilding company that provides services to people who want to design or modify their homes to keep them safe and hassle-free.  I made a loan to RFC pretty much for the same reasons I became a founding member – I like the cooperative model for ventures that provide important services, and I am very proud to support the mission of providing healthy food in “food deserts”.  I like the proposed location and the idea that I will have some input on what we offer our customers – both members and non-members.   I am also delighted by all the thoughtful, friendly folks I have met through RFC. It’s a great group to be associated with.  We knew from the start that member loans would be essential to fulfill the vision. Now is the time for all of us who can to make that extra commitment to this great vision.